Great discussion about the idea of a web design application from yet more people finally seeing that a photo editor perhaps isn’t the best choices to design web pages in. I’d argue a decent number of the points are already taken care of in Fireworks but I’d definitely agree the CS3/CS4 stability, Adobes disinterest and general feel of clunkiness puts most people off ever finding those capabilities.

Changing a menu style in a Photoshop comp is the most annoying thing for me

Comments like this make me cringe to imagine people actually work like that.

Noticed quite a shocking number of people using InDesign for web work, also mentions of Keynote and plenty saying they just work directly in code. The fact this is all so fractured and tools designed for completely different jobs being used for web design really sends home how desperate the design community is for a decent solution to the modern interactive design problem.

Personally I think the talk about actually generating code is a bad idea, didn’t work with Dreamweaver why bother trying again. However I believe the future would be in a Fireworks like tool using WebKit as the main display engine so browser text/div styles can be directly specified like you currently specify layer styles in PS/FW.

No real HTML code should be generated from this application, although developers should be able to copy the CSS attributes or paragraph/list tags directly if they want.


Antetype Saw this nice interface prototyping/design app in the comments too, have to say it looks like the sort of thing Adobe should have been working on about 2 years ago… only they would probably write the whole thing in Flex and make me want to throw up.

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