• Release interesting and genuinely useful technology preview
  • Fail to promote it correctly
  • Fail to implement it into Photoshop correctly
  • Never bother to push it beyond a preview release
  • Kill it and blame your users when it doesn’t get enough adoption

Pixel Bender was one of the cooler things Adobe has done in recent years. I’ve used it on many many occasions in After Effects projects. Never in Photoshop because the implementation was clunky and lets be honest After Effects makes Photoshop look like a joke for any filter or processing work anyway.

Maybe you would have had more success with Pixel Bender if you had finally tore out the entirety of the Photoshop filters menu and replaced it with a more modern and extendable implementation.

Instead we’re stuck with the legacy filters that practically creak when you run them, the Filter Gallery set of filters, the woefully underpowered layer effects and now the GPU enabled blur filters in their own interface. It’s a fucking shambles compared to the power and speed of After Effects and that’s probably being polite about it.

Really disappointed After Effects has to give up easily programmable and sharable filters just because the Photoshop team couldn’t get to grips with it or sort out their jumbled mess of an application.

Actually the thing that annoyed me most was this comment

The popular Oil Paint effect has been brought into Photoshop CS6

I can picture the meeting where this was discussed and the short sightedness of it irritates me.

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