I haven’t got round to updating yet but I’m not surprised by this experience at all.

He compares it to upgrading Coda, which of course is a speedy and pleasant experience as everyone knows Panic are top of their game. Now Adobe management would probably argue that Panic is a fraction of the size of Adobe so things should be simpler for them.

However Apple is large organisation, how did the upgrade for Lion go? Surely upgrading an OS is a much more complicated procedure than just a few pieces of image/video editing software. You can estimate at how many copies of Coda 2 were sold since launch and it’s a wonder a small company wouldn’t crumble under that amount of transactions.

So we have a smaller company and a larger company than Adobe, both shipping very popular digital products without any ridiculous 2 day wait.

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    Wow that totally sounds intuitive and obvious and not like something that should actually be explained, what with it...
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    As many times as i’ve griped about Adobe in the past, i’m going to say they’ve done a stellar job on CS6 this time...
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    For all the things I occasionally miss by sticking to Pixelmator and Sketch (though they’re now firmly in “good enough”...
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