The many sliders of Photoshop CS4


Preferences > Memory Usage

Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast


Blur (note the rendering of the thumb arrow)

Layer Blending

Layer Style


Color Balance

Things to keep in mind:

  1. These can be found in just Photoshop; I can’t imagine what I’d find elsewhere in the suite. Actually, fine, here’s the first one I found in Illustrator CS5:
  2. The most common out of all these seems to be second one, Brightness Adjustment.
  3. They’re all ugly. The only near-acceptable one is the Layer Style slider.
  4. None of these looks like the standard OS X slider:

Don’t mind the special function ones like Layer Blending, however blur takes the piss I mean you can see they even faked the runner under it probably because the UI drawing code used there doesn’t support alpha transparency, fucking amature hour if you ask me.

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